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There are artists and there are others of us, and some of the others of us do love art and want to dabble in it now and then

Ever wonder how that would fit in with a 9 to 5 or 8 to 8 life? For me, what works best are the little holes in time one spends in seemingly interminably long meetings, lectures, conferences…Minimum requirements are some sheets of paper and a pen; any size and kind will do to get going… The sketches that emerge are often further worked on using mixed media tools like the CorelDraw. Paradoxically, when I draw, I am better able to concentrate on what a speaker is saying assuming the speaker is saying something worth concentrating on! Blame it on the left brain-right brain divide or shutting the internal dialogue now channeled into the emerging lines, dots, connections and structures……ΔΦ¥©ΩλЊЏ. I have been at it since 1979 and the last count in 2012 was 400+ sketches! It has given me much pleasure and something that remains long after all the lectures have been forgotten. Disclaimer: Copying the strategy above in the presence of your boss may be highly injurious for any boss is a boss only because she is a boss. I have no boss and no reputations to maintain!

Folks often ask me the ‘meaning’ of what I draw. There is none. The only meaningful art is the one that imitates life and does the latter have a meaning? I hope not!

I invite you to enjoy the show. Some of the sketches are accompanied by short poems (copyrights of Ashutosh Sharma). Sketches are low resolution pdfs, but if you like any, I be happy to mail a higher resolution version fit for a wall. Feel free to download, enlarge or do whatever with them.

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